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A simple, lightweight Node.js wrapper for the AniList API.

Using Anilist-node

To install: npm install anilist-node

You may need a token for some features (ie checking favourites). A token only needs to be generated once in order to use. To start, head to Anilist's Developer Page and click "Create New Client". Note the client id and place this URL into your client redirect This URL will allow you to get your token when authorizing. Then, copy paste this URL{clientID}&response_type=token, replacing the {clientID} with your client ID. It will ask you to log in and then provide you with the token to use.

NOTE: Please store your token securely and privately! This gives access to your AniList account. It is your responsibility to maintain your token.


General lookup search (no login):

const anilist = require('anilist-node');
const Anilist = new anilist(); => {

Lookup search (login):

const settings = require('./settings.json'); //Or wherever your store your token.
const anilist = require('anilist-node');
const Anilist = new anilist(settings.token /* This being your token */); => {


Documentation is provided in two locations. A static HTML site is avalible with the package under the docs directory. Or users can view the same site online here:


Please refer to the Contributing Guide for more information.

License and Contact

AniList-Node is licensed under the MIT License.

For issues and bugs, please use the issue tracker on the GitHub repository. For other needs, either contact me by email or in my Discord server in the #anilist-node channel.